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Mostly what I do here is nothing. I'm retired. But I used program and host unique custom databased web sites and email for my clients. Keeping a low profile while exploring Linux, Windows, Apache, PHP, PERL, mySql, Secure Servers and anything else that was of interest to me. Now I maintain a few web pages and run a mail server.

  • Flewitt's Free F1 Pool was an exercise in PHP and mySql programming I set up for myself and my friends. But I'd rather just watch the races these days.
  • And here's (Kevin's Home Page) a page I wrote in May 1995. My, how things have changed eh?
  • I'm serious about Linux. Check this out!

  • Here are links to all the major tools used by this system.

    www.apache.org perl.apache.org/embperl
    www.mysql.com php.net www.centos.org
    Above all, Keep it Simple.
    And THIS is the ultimate example.

    For information on our services call someone else.
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